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Grainger Quartet at HKAPA on 07Oct07 - long reaction
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Author:  Yogesh [ Wed Oct 10, 2007 2:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Grainger Quartet at HKAPA on 07Oct07 - long reaction ... aspx?id=57

The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts Concert Hall has always been my favourite venue in Hong Kong for chamber music. The place isn't so big, therefore it's a great place to get close to the musicians and the music. Last Sunday was no exception.

My Dad and I went there in the first place because he is a big fan of the flute. We know Mozart's K.285 as well and have heard it many times on records. But listening to it live in concert was a new experience to me. Eilidh Gillespie (principle flautist of the HK Sinfonietta) delivered a very crisp performance. She played it in a tone that matched the period style of the piece. Perhaps what I would call historically-informed performance on the modern flute. I especially appreciate her efforts to bridge the second and the third movements with some elements of improvisation.

Ravel was a pleasant surprise as I have not heard it before. It's good to see how Ravel write music for the harp and to support it with the flute, clarinet and the strings.

Haydn and Beethoven were well-played and I think the Grainger Quartet handled those pieces with great competence as those pieces are pretty much the core repertoire of the string quartet. They have successfully convince me that string quartets are the best way to get close to the hearts and minds of the composer in the most lively way.

There was a couple of things that I wasn't so comfortable with, mostly the noisy chair the viola player were sitting on. I really inspired by their thoughtful seating arrangements but it is not helped by the fact that APA didn't provide them with better chairs.

The balcony were full of young audiences and they needed education in concert manners. If they need to whisper to the friends they could have done it at the interval.

All in all. It was $100 very well spent.

Author:  Yogesh [ Wed Oct 10, 2007 3:16 pm ]
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The other thing I like is the programme notes. They are available before the start of the concert at the door , so that I can have enough time to read through the nicely- and professionally-written programme notes before I go in.

The Grainger Quartet concert was done very successfully and I wish them that they can play in Hong Kong a bit more. Perhaps they should also think about performing Peter Sculthorpe as he writes excellent string quartets and to listen to Sculthorpe played in an Australian voice would be very special.

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