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Author:  Lamma-Gung [ Wed Mar 02, 2016 5:00 pm ]
Post subject:  LAMMA POEMS

Starting a new section, this is dedicated to Lamma's fine but usually shy and reclusive poets.
First up, Sharon (wife of Lamma's Santa Claus) celebrating 18 years on Lamma!

Lamma Homes - Lamma Life

1998-2016 - by Sharon A. Birkett

My Lamma life started in Tai Wan To
when I shared a cool flat with a Canadian bro.
I'd placed an AD upon Bubbles Laundry's Wall
"Wanted room for rent" - I got one call.

When I saw it, I loved it, said Yes straight away,
moved my few things without delay.
Sitting on the roof top, with a vast view of green,
I felt so free if you know what I mean.
Some people seemed cliquey but a few I befriended,
BBQ's, beach parties, fun Lamma life never ended.
I enjoyed this home for a number of years,
til recession and job loss brought some tears.
Time was needed to have a break,
life's direction was at stake!
Left HK and travelled for a while,
then returned with a fresh new style.

Recharged and with a new job under my wing,
my second Lamma home was found in Tai Peng.
The hill kept me fit which I didn't mind,
but the dark dingy flat proved to be a bad find.
Then the agent wowed me with a pink top floor,
it was bright and furnished with a roof to adore.
Magnificent views of the valley and sea,
home number three was the best ever for me.
Still in Tai Peng I loved my pad,
I had lots of friends, we were party mad.
When my mother visited she said it was ace,
"Lamma Island is a lovely place".

After a few years, I met my hubby to be,
it became serious and we were soon to be three.
We needed more bedrooms plus I wanted a bath,
hey presto, found Lamma home number four, just off Snake Path,
A first floor with a big balcony,
our first home for our new family.
After a while SARS broke out,
it was a scary time without a doubt.
Although many friends left HK,
we stayed put and nothing went wrong.
But I wanted to move get a garden or like,
a place to have play groups, and to park my bike.

In Yung Shue Long we found our fifth home,
At the very end of a long path all on its own,
with canopy and terrace for kiddie fun,
this flat was dirt cheap we thought we'd won!
Just why it was cheap, we found out in good style,
when the toilet exploded and the bathroom was vile!
A dodgy cesspit caused it, the landlord did say,
unfortunately this happened on Christmas Day!

Though sad to leave, we had to move on,
to a sixth home - a roof top again in Wang Long.
By now we had child number two,
we found going up 'n' down stairs with prams was no fun to do.

In Tai Wan New Village, a ground floor became available to us,
So we didn't waste time nor make a fuss,
Next to a shop and not far from the beach,
On Snake Path so Tai Peng was in reach.
Now and then we crave more space,
But are happy and cosy in our Lamma place.
No hills, no steps, it's ideal in our view,
Home number seven, we still love you!

Author:  Lamma-Gung [ Tue Mar 22, 2016 10:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: LAMMA POEMS

A new poem by our new Official Court Poet. The first-ever poem about our new Bike Park, I think.

Bike Park by Sharon Birkett

By Lamma Library, near to the pier,
A Bike Park resides, but it's brought little cheer.
A good idea, there is no doubt,
but whoever designed it deserves a clout.

Bikes are stuffed in, bikes are stuck,
if you get yours out, you're in luck.
Cuts and scrapes from others' pedals,
The Bike Park's a challenge without the medals.

If unfortunately a crime is committed,
No chance of justice - CCTV was omitted.
So at Bikers' peril and own risk,
Or give up our bikes and walk rather brisk?!

Soon the old library will be replaced with a new
Construction, may take a year or two.
VVs and workmen will swarm this place.
The Bike Park is doomed, it's a feckin' disgrace!

Author:  Lamma-Gung [ Mon Jun 06, 2016 10:54 am ]
Post subject:  Re: LAMMA POEMS

A new poem by our new Official Court Poet, inspired by the sunset last Saturday, June 4, 2016:

Super Sunset... by Sharon Birkett

A sliver of light through the dusky sky
Mesmerized everyone passing by
As the array of splendor was spreading out
We were stunned in awe there was no doubt

Almost magically the sky took command
Reminding us to be grateful of this land
Vibrant colors of orange and reds
Streaked with light above our heads

As we stood watching, smitten with great delight
Five bright Planets are visible in June's sky at night.

Author:  Lamma-Gung [ Sat Oct 29, 2016 5:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: LAMMA POEMS

Finally, another poem by Sharon Birkett:

Tis Halloween.

Zombies and ghosts will invade soon
Witches, spooks and devils doom
A green hulk, a creepy clown,
Be sure to come out and don't dress down!

Severed hands, arms and feet
Axed heads, a last heart beat.
Murderous thieves
Knives up their sleeves 

Torturous  Screams, cries and wails, 
Hungry fangs and razor nails 
Frankenstein's bolts are creaking,
Lamma, not for the faint hearted weakling! 

Watch out on Main Street for the catwalk of horror,
Survivors feasting on toasted gomorra !!
Sweet Yummy Goodies await the children of death,
Give generously shopkeepers before you take your last breath!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh!

Jim&Sharon-Halloween-poem-16.jpg [ 209.6 KiB | Viewed 1946 times ]

Author:  Lamma-Gung [ Fri Jun 23, 2017 2:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: LAMMA POEMS

A new Lamma Poem by Sharon Birkett, our Official Court Poet Laureate!

She writes:
"As requested by Lamma Gung, as it's been a while since I've posted any poems, sorry about that for anyone who's missed them, here is my latest ditty..."

Pier Shop Ladies

by Sharon A. Birkett, Official Court Poet Laureate

What a team, me thinks,
While we queue up for drinks
"Large coffee, two small teas,
two packs of tissues, please".

An exchange of dollars in record time,
Ordered refreshments standing in a line,
The bell bellows out its piercing noise
Brief panic from a mother and her boys.

They'd dashed along the pier
And just made it through the gate,
calling to the shop ladies despite being late,
"Sui mai, fish balls, a newspaper please.
Any sandwiches, ham'n'cheese?"

"Fidi la...this ferry must go" shout staff in
glasses standing in a row
Pier shop ladies rush to provide,
Serving Lamma Residents before their ferry ride.

Sharon-Lamma-Store-1.jpg [ 191.73 KiB | Viewed 1791 times ]
!20140510_181947-wp.jpg [ 62.48 KiB | Viewed 1791 times ]

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