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New file attachment limits: 200 KB and up to 5/message
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Author:  Lamma-Gung [ Wed Apr 29, 2009 4:20 pm ]
Post subject:  New file attachment limits: 200 KB and up to 5/message

As the forum administrator, I've just increased the maximum limits for EVERYBODY to 200KB/attachment (doubling it from 100KB) and up to 5 attachments (formerly 3) for each of your posted messages in any forum.

This should help improve the quality and size of uploaded images, but I'd ask for pictures to be not too much wider than 800 pixels, so they won't extend beyond the right edge of standard computer screen. No multiple posts of the same image in several forums, please.

Let's see how it's going and if there are no abuses we should have enough server space for the next few years. Thank you very much to our single handful of anonymous forum sponsors (only $500/year. Join up, please!) for making these non-commercial forums possible.

For even bigger attachments - any file type including sounds, images, videos - just email them to me and I can upload and attach them individually to your message. Or simply link them from any other web server. (Put the full web address into your message while posting, select the entire address and simply click the Img button at the top of the message window.

All the attached files will stay online here for at least as long as these forums will survive, hopefully for many more years.

And there's always the completely separate Lamma-zine server with a total of 5GB of online file space...

For any problems or questions, you can always PM or email me at or ask any of our always helpful forum moderators.

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