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Strange Bug
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Author:  Guy Mlller [ Mon Sep 27, 2004 10:54 am ]
Post subject:  Strange Bug

Anybody (Zep) know what this Bug is called?

Long Snout Bug.JPG
Long Snout Bug.JPG [ 24.55 KiB | Viewed 11536 times ]

Author:  Pierre [ Tue Sep 28, 2004 12:33 pm ]
Post subject: 

In the underpants I am having strange bugs, what they are lamma bugs?

in my pants.gif
in my pants.gif [ 66.78 KiB | Viewed 11516 times ]

Author:  Blazenski [ Thu Sep 30, 2004 12:08 pm ]
Post subject: 

Pierre, I suggest you buy a packet of disposable razors and find a new girl/boyfriend.

Author:  zep [ Mon Oct 04, 2004 10:38 am ]
Post subject: 

The bug looks like a young lantern bug - the adult was photographed by Yaffle some time ago and is in this forum at:

Also saw this pair of insects at the weekend. Are they not talking to each other, or engaged in some kind of weird congress

File comment: Bugs Behaving Badly
Bugs-Behaving-Badly-bb.jpg [ 34.17 KiB | Viewed 11458 times ]

Author:  Lamma-Gung [ Mon Oct 04, 2004 11:25 am ]
Post subject:  Picture of the Day!

This is a pretty amazing photo, Zep, visually simple & clean, great colours & contrasts, fine composition, plus a scientifically fascinating subject matter...

It's well worthy of the home page as "Picture of the Day" in the Lamma-zine Blog. Check it out, it just went online!

Is it also worthy of a Yellow Card for its almost-pornographic content? Nah!

Author:  Guy Mlller [ Mon Oct 04, 2004 1:53 pm ]
Post subject: 

zep wrote:
The bug looks like a young lantern bug - the adult was photographed by Yaffle some time ago and is in this forum at:

The photograph by Yaffle is of a "Litchi Lantern Bug" (Pyrops candelaria), the example above is just a little smaller than the LLBug, very flat & has a different overall structure except they have a long snout in common.
Would think it to be a different species.

Author:  zep [ Mon Oct 04, 2004 3:31 pm ]
Post subject: 

Not sure - Paul the Lantern Bug Man has left Pak Kok - I'll see if I can track him down.

Author:  Guy Mlller [ Fri Oct 08, 2004 12:56 pm ]
Post subject: 

Couple of Dragonfly photos

Blue Head DragonflyA.JPG
Blue Head DragonflyA.JPG [ 19.46 KiB | Viewed 11388 times ]
DSCN8528A.JPG [ 16.96 KiB | Viewed 11387 times ]

Author:  Lamma-Gung [ Fri Oct 08, 2004 2:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Copulating Bugs

We might have to rename this topic into "Copulating Bugs".
Might make a good Lamma-zine photo gallery title...

Here's one of my low-res shots from last year, taken up at Hunter's:


Author:  Guy Mlller [ Fri Oct 08, 2004 2:28 pm ]
Post subject: 

Yes it does seem like a common occurence

DSCN7675A.JPG [ 10.06 KiB | Viewed 11368 times ]

Author:  Guy Mlller [ Sun Oct 10, 2004 2:46 pm ]
Post subject: 

I thought the first bug was strange - but this one takes the cake - either that or we've already been invaded

dscn8980.jpg [ 15.85 KiB | Viewed 10984 times ]

Author:  Anonymous Guy [ Mon Oct 18, 2004 3:34 pm ]
Post subject: 

Looks like something out of "Magic Roundabout"

DSCN9461.JPG [ 79.83 KiB | Viewed 11300 times ]

Author:  Brenda [ Tue Oct 19, 2004 9:49 am ]
Post subject: 

Am I the only one disgusted by these photos of bugs engaged in what appear to be un-natural orgiastic acts?

I have tried to stamp this sort of thing out in my church (C of E), and feel we all ought to do our part in restoring some decorum to the processes of biological relationships. No more, please.

Author:  Guy MIller [ Tue Oct 19, 2004 10:13 am ]
Post subject: 

Brenda wrote:
un-natural orgiastic acts?.....
.... No more, please.

My apologies - (although I have excluded a couple of bug bondage photos) - will try to keep it down to a bit of slap & tickle in future.

Author:  Guy Mlller [ Sun Oct 31, 2004 12:57 pm ]
Post subject: 

Another strange bug

Vote for Guy!! :coffee:

DSCN0437.JPG [ 39.54 KiB | Viewed 11237 times ]

Author:  Lamma-Gung [ Fri Nov 05, 2004 12:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Lychee Lanternbug

Finally saw my first Lychee Lanternbug, thanks to Guy's tip.

The tree trunk, close to the 2nd Cable Route underpass after the Kindergarten, was covered with more than a dozen of these amazing creatures, my favourite Lamma bug.

File comment: Lychee Lanternbug
Lychee-Lanternbug-2997.jpg [ 52.69 KiB | Viewed 11199 times ]

Author:  Guy MIller [ Fri Nov 05, 2004 5:25 pm ]
Post subject: 

L-B - what was that you were saying about not bending the colour curve too much?

Author:  Lamma-Gung [ Fri Nov 05, 2004 5:50 pm ]
Post subject: 

Ya talkin' to me? Ya talkin' to ME??? :evil:

Ma name ain't L-B...

Author:  Guy MIller [ Fri Nov 05, 2004 5:53 pm ]
Post subject: 

L-B - Just an affectionate, if not witty little nick-name, but can't really explain outside FC, might get carded - sorry - but yes - what about that colour curve?

Author:  Lamma-Gung [ Sat Nov 06, 2004 6:36 am ]
Post subject: 

Yes, the Lanternbug has lovely colour curves, wouldn't you agree?
All these colourful curves, dots and stripes, really pretty!

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